A New Concept for the Reduction of Waste Treatment Sludge

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The Most Effective Way to Reduce Moisture in Solid Waste Sludge

A crisis exists in the waste treatment process used by municipalities to reduce the moisture in solid waste sludge. All over the world, truckloads of sludge are being dumped into landfills with a liquid content of 80% or more. The PressRelax Dryer™ is a patented technology that reduces moisture levels to just 8-10% and sanitizes the sludge at the same time. Less moisture means less weight and lower trucking costs. For many municipalities, that could result in savings of $500,000 every year. Best of all, the Press -  Relax Dryer™ fits seamlessly into your plant's operations as the final process after the standard belt press stage.

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Press and Relax Dryer™
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About Drying Solutions, L.L.C.

Drying Solutions is a company that sells and installs innovative waste treatment equipment. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we serve municipalities of all sizes across the United States and around the world. The company was founded in 2015 by R. Murray Hough after years of investigation and research into current practices and problems in the sewage treatment industry.  Hough discovered that current equipment for removing moisture—such as aeration equipment, lagoons, and centrifuges—had only minimal effects on the moisture content of waste treatment sludge. Their patented product, the Press - Relax Dryer™, delivers significantly better results while saving municipalities money.

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